Modern motion design concepts

design concepts

The beautifully designed concept of the interaction of nature, technology and man does not become outdated either. Gorgeous breathtaking seascapes never seem to go out of style, especially with the growing trends towards ecology and environmentalism.

Not only is watching such videos a real pleasure for the human brain, which strives for peace and unity with its native planet, but the idea embedded in such a beautiful video is unlikely to leave the user’s memory soon enough. In the video from Nimax, all this is conveyed using generative graphics, and an interesting presentation impresses to the core.

In videos for applications, it is important to focus on the micro-interactions of the user and the application interface, to simply and clearly talk about the functionality. They do not have such scope for creativity, but nevertheless, you can play great with geometric shapes.

In case you want to get acquainted with something simpler and closer to real life, we recommend reading this interesting case about creating a video for a dating service.

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