Design prototypes

design prototype

For prototypes, we took the most frequent user scenarios on the platform.

For sponsors:

  • Creation of a container and invitation of investors. The first stage for a transaction or fund creation;
  • legal processes. We focused on how documents are created – a key part of the process;
  • Creation of an offer. We used this scenario to see how large forms are filled in practice (there are many of them on the platform).

For investors:

  • Onboarding request. All investors start with it, and the old process was complicated and confusing;
  • Capital raising, payment;
  • Payout – when investors want to dump.

We still work with Vauban a lot and they now have a product manager that we contact (who used to be a product manager at Amazon UK).

When creating sites, we first achieve the main one up to 100% and based on it we make all the other pages. The main page is usually the most complex part of the site, and when it is finished, all stylistic and functional decisions can be scaled. And not to go back and redo all the pages over and over again.

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