SPV concept and dashboard

svg design

With the same logic, we approached the interfaces – we started with the most complex dashboard. The dashboard for SPV (special purpose vehicle) owners was taken as the basis for work on all other interfaces. The concept then formed the basis for scaling the design, and an important task was to work out the overall visual style and as many elements as possible at this stage. The SPV dashboard was perfect for this task.

SPV for trades is the core product of Vauban. It was important to show on one screen how the fundraising is progressing and other critical information for the sponsor on one screen, and not split into many pages.

For the investor dashboard, we needed to keep everything as simple as possible and give clear instructions at every step. All possible tasks are available in tabs.

For the mobile version, the most important functions were singled out and everything else was famously cut down.

The main font is a reliable Inter, echoing the style of the site.

We took the main accents of the same palette in a slightly toned down version to make it easier to use the platform.

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