Motion design in practice

motion design

Motion design is also suitable for many other industries that seem to have nothing to do with digital: logistics, trade, mining, etc. In these types of businesses, it is not necessary to talk about products. It is enough to place a short animated video on the site when the page loads, make an animated logo, send an interesting GIF image in an e-mail newsletter, place an attractive post on social networks, launch it as an advertising creative – each of these simple actions will allow you to create a vivid and memorable impression of your business.

No wonder Motion Design has become so popular – why write long texts on many pages if you can talk about the problem and the solution at the same time in one short video? In just a few seconds, you can give out the amount of information that could fit into a whole page of printed text.

Although motion design is applicable to any business area, in IT it can play one of the key roles in marketing. A simple explanation of new technologies, beautiful and convenient interfaces – all this is important for the user, it remains only to take care of the quality of the live picture.

If you or your clients have a need for high-quality motion design, then we will be happy to help you.

Mano Motion is a creative team of CGI and VFX specialists dedicated to creating unique video projects for business and beyond. We create promotional and presentation 3D videos with an emphasis on computer graphics and visual effects.

Our design experts know everything about creating truly compelling 3D videos and are always ready to help you with this issue, from idea development to post-production and final rendering of the video.

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