Who can’t do without Motion Design?


Given the fact that video is perceived much more easily than text, its use in the advertising environment has great potential. From a secondary sales tool, it turns into one of the main ones. The fast-growing level of technology reduces the number of technical problems associated with its use, promising increased profits.

Motion design can be useful not only in areas where you need to sell something, but also in areas where you need to talk about any complex technology that may be difficult to describe in words or static pictures. So in IT, for example, with the help of Motion Design it is much easier to explain the structure of software or cloud technologies. For such purposes, explainers are often shot – videos 1-3 minutes long, in which the viewer is intelligibly told about the idea and principle of operation of a product or service. The main feature of good explainers is unobtrusiveness. The customer is simply told about the benefits of the product or service without trying to sell anything.

Increasingly, Motion Design is used to create interactive interfaces: this is a fairly new direction where design, programming and art collide. Interactivity helps make user interfaces not just convenient, but expressive and easy to use.

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