Motion Design Trends in 2022

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Simple and abstract animations with gloss and rolling balls fade into the background – with the help of the most primitive programs, any schoolchild is quite capable of creating them. 2D graphics are also gradually losing their positions, if we are not talking about interesting combinations with 3D.

Well-designed textures that are as close to real life as possible and thoughtful camera work are appreciated, as in the films of good directors. Fashion includes glitch art, morphing, bizarre shapes and characters. Freelance artists seek to enter the design market and set new trends. Large corporations such as Microsoft, Yandex and Sberbank are increasingly focusing on the packaging of their products, involving entire production units in their work.

One of the examples of 2021 trend setter companies is The Future Vision of Microsoft 365 by Tendril – fluid textures, soft curves, and an original approach keep the viewer’s attention until the end of the video.

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