How is a 3D movie created?

3d design

A high-quality 3D video can be ordered freelance or from a specialized agency: everyone sets a different price, but the cost, as a rule, is formed per minute of animation creation, and also depends on the concentration of 3D elements in the video. Since the sphere of 3D video production is at the stage of active development, it is not so difficult to find an option that is suitable for the price and a good specialist for its implementation.

There are 2 main ways to create 3D videos: you can layer the effect on standard material that was previously shot by the operator, or you can immediately create three-dimensional models on a computer.

Creating motion graphics begins with finding an idea or how we are going to advertise a product or service, what we will direct the viewer’s attention to and how exactly. This process is called a discovery session – the client’s profile is analyzed, its target audience, category, competitors, tone of voice, then a strategy is developed. The result of this stage is a moodboard – a set of references with design, primary colors and animation examples.

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