Benefits of motion design with 3D elements

UX Design

Motion design includes animated promotional videos and various other animated design elements, but nevertheless, it cannot be simply classified as classic animation, although some elements are taken from it, such as complex transitions between scenes or frame-by-frame animation.

Motion differs from a cartoon in that it does not have a plot – there is simply an illustration of some specific ideas or data. If you want to emphasize the emotional aspects of a story, present a narrative, or connect with an audience on an emotional level, you should look to animation over motion design.

Videos are considered one of the easiest and most accessible ways to tell the audience about the company, so the goal of Motion Design is to convey the idea for which the project (service or product) was created to the target audience in the most interesting way using computer graphics (CGI).

The relevance, just like the popularity of Motion Design, is growing every year – in almost any IT product, be it online games or media, graphic animated screensavers are used. Professional 3D tools allow you to bring to life almost any idea that would be impossible with traditional shooting, resulting in increased story originality even in short clips.

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