What is a design system

design system

on the example of cats and Lego
Suppose your child is given a task: to make 10 cat figurines.

You generally have several options. For example, you can take plasticine, clay, paper. And get 10 completely unique cats.

But you can collect them from the Lego constructor. And make either absolutely similar or slightly different. But in general, in any case, they will be +/- square-rectangular and with pimples.

A factory somewhere in China produces standard cubes, gears and motors by the millions. Perfect logistics delivers everything to the stores. Clear instructions help build spaceships and kittens. All this is the design system. And Lego cats are cats made from a design system.

And here’s the good news: in digital, you can relatively easily create your own cube factory. And start collecting seals that you specifically need. No need to buy Lego for many thousands of money: you have an infinite number of copies of the blocks, because it’s digital!

But you also face the same restrictions: you can only collect such cats that your factory will allow you to collect. You need to set up all business processes, write instructions, etc.

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